Nitrous oxide

N2WHOA! cream chargers are the UK's number 1 “one-stop” shop for the supply of cream chargers and associated products.

We sell small 8gm size canisters containing approximately 2 litres of nitrous oxide gas under great pressure in a charger that measures only a few centimetres in length.

The nitrous oxide contained within our cream chargers is 100% pure, which makes it safe and hygienic when used in the preparation of whipped cream. It is sold as a whipped cream propellant for use with a cream whipper.

The primary reason for using nitrous oxide gas for whipping cream is related to its chemical interaction with the fat molecules within the cream. The gas is soluble in fats/oils, which coupled with the fact that N2O is a condensable gas, makes the gas an ideal propellant for whipping cream.

The more common name for nitrous oxide when used by caterers is E942, our nitrous oxide is food grade suitable.

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Please Note Before Purchasing:

Nitrous oxide chargers are only for sale to persons over 18 years old.
Please do not purchase if you are under 18 or you intend to supply to persons under the age of 18.
If we suspect you are going to misuse our products N2WHOA! cream chargers will refuse to sell to you.

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