iSi Stainless Steel Funnel With Sieve


iSi Stainless Steel Funnel With Sieve

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iSi Stainless Steel Funnel complete with Sieve

Quickly fill your cream whipper with your sauce or Espuma. It’s easy to miss completely when there‚Äôs no spout or pouring lip on the edge of a bowl, this will never happen again with the iSi stainless steel funnel and sieve.

Each piece can be used individually or together if the preparation needs to be strained prior to being poured into the whipper.

Use it to prepare a perfect Espuma foam.

Perfect for straining preparations containing pulp.The funnel’s large capacity (700 ml) allows for a clean work area and minimizes prep time. Flows right from the sieve into the funnel and directly into the cream whipper. Unit is also dishwasher-safe.