Cream Whippers

On this page you will find high quality, heavy duty 'Pro Whip' and 'Mosa' branded whipped cream dispensers. These work really well and can be used for either home use or regular commercial use. We have been selling them for a long time with no returns. We do not sell cheap copy dispensers because they do not work for very long, if at all.

For those who want to make a special fluffy whipped cream, a whipped cream dispenser is needed. This dispenser works fast and makes less mess compared to a mixer or hand whipping. It is also convenient to use as it allows for making whipped cream batch by batch, instead of doing so all at once.

The emulsifying gas, Nitrous Oxide, not only whips and propels the cream but it acts as a natural antibiotic. This means that the cream will store in the dispenser for up to 14 days if kept in a fridge.

Thanks to this machine, it is possible to make special cherry pies, ice cream sundaes, and all sorts of creamy beverages at home.

Our cream whippers can also be used to infuse your favourite tipple.

Here’s how the nitrous oxide cream charger makes it happen.

The same way you pour in cream, pop in an N2O charger, release the nitrous oxide gas into the cream, and hey presto, you’ve got whipped cream. Infusing alcohol works almost exactly the same way. The pressure forces the alcohol into the cell walls of the flavouring agents. When the bottle is then depressurized, the alcohol rushes back out again, and it carries those flavours with it.


1. Pour your alcohol into the reservoir, works best with clear spirits e.g. rum, vodka etc... but you can use dark spirits like bourbon.
2. Add your flavouring agents e.g. basil, orange peel, chilly's, dark chocolate etc... Then screw the top down to seal it.
3. Screw in the N2O charger until the gas releases into the bottle. Let it stand for one minute.
4. Replace the N2O charger with another one, pressurise, and then shake it for one minute.
5. Using two glasses to catch the spray, slowly release the pressure using the cream whipper trigger. Reserve the liquid.
6. Unscrew the dispenser head, and pour the liquid through a strainer into an awaiting glass.

Once you get your hands on a cream whipper infusing tool, you can experiment like crazy.

All dispensers include a 1-year manufacturer's guarantee against factory defects.

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