Pro Whip High Quality Heavy Duty Cream Whipper 1/4L (Black)


1/4 Litre 8gm cream Whipper.

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The Pro Whip 1/4 Litre 8gm Whipper can produce freshly whipped cream in an instant. Also included are a heavy duty charger holder and two dispensing nozzles. This cream whipper is great quality and ideal for regular use.

Makes delicious whipped cream desserts, mousses, flavoured toppings, garnishes or foams in seconds, and is perfect for fancy cafe style coffees, mochas, cappuccino, ice cream and coffee shakes.

Take advantage of our low prices and a 1 year manufacturers guarantee. The ‘Pro Whip’ cream whipper with stainless steel body and plastic top in the popular 1/4 Litre size is perfect for use in the home, restaurant or coffee shop.

Convenient and easy dispensing at the push of a lever.

Removable dispensing piston for easy cleaning.

Refrigerated contents stay fresh for up to 14 days in the whipper.

For use with 8 gram size cream chargers.