32 x iSi Nitro Chargers


32 x iSi Nitro Chargers

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For the preparation of Nitro Coffee, Tea, and other Nitro-infused beverages.

Benefits of the high-quality ISI Nitro Chargers – for perfect results:

Each ISI Nitro Charger contains 2.4 g of pure nitrogen gas

ISI Nitro Chargers are made of high-quality, recyclable steel

Each box contains 16 nitrogen gas chargers

Original ISI Nitro Chargers are a bronze metallic colour

Use 1 ISI Nitro Charger to prepare up to 1 L

The ISI Nitro and ISI Nitro Chargers can be used together to prepare barista-quality Nitro Cold Brew Coffee. Nitro coffee is created by infusing cold brew coffee with pure nitrogen gas. The nitrogen infusion results in a rich, flavorful brew with a naturally creamy texture and a velvety foam head.

Original ISI Nitro Chargers are designed to be used only with the ISI Nitro. They do not fit, and cannot operate ISI whippers or ISI soda siphons. Nitrogen chargers from other manufacturers will not operate the ISI Nitro.


2.4 g pure nitrogen per capsule – with filling guarantee
Produced according to HACCP and highest hygiene standards – no oil residues guaranteed!
Made in Austria
Recyclable, high-quality steel

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